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  • Houston, we are go for launch.
  • Sal Ziauddin
  • Launchnewsupdates

Houston, we are go for launch.

I'll be brave and admit something. One of my most critical weaknesses is that I'm a perfectionist. The pursuit of quality is always foremost on my mind. I hate putting my name on an unfinished product, or even a product where there are obvious opportunities for improvement.Whether it be in relationships with my fellow humans, or the work I do, or even the way I clean my house.

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned over the past year in preparing to bring Maverick & Blueberry to the world is that quality - of anything - is often always measurable and quantifiable. Particularly in the case of tangible products such as those that we offer here. And since quantity is based on numbers, and numbers never end, thus the pursuit for quality is a never-ending road. Left unchecked, such a pursuit can hamstring a person or team into inaction. Deadlines get eternally extended, discussions about better suppliers never end, and so on.

It was during this past year that I started to really understand the meaning of the quote "Good enough is better than perfect." At first blush it seems like a paradox or oxymoron, but in a few seconds you begin to understand it in light of the never-ending pursuit of quality. Yet even a theoretical understanding of such a concept pales in comparison to the understanding you gain from actual experience. Delivery of an imperfect product is still far better than no delivery at all. Something is better than nothing.

Here I am, opening my store even though not all of my galleries are ready yet. I wish I knew how to cram 100 hours into 24. But I have people waiting for the few galleries that are available, such as the Arturian gallery of typeface art. As always, customer satisfaction is - and always will be - a top priority here at Maverick & Blueberry.

And away we go.

  • Sal Ziauddin
  • Launchnewsupdates

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